My Favorite Restaurants By: Me, Mark Evans

Hello There everyone, Today ill be showing you 4 restaurants that I love.

These Restaurants are the ones that I think are very delicious and are go to restaurants to visit.

I Hope you enjoy my website and if not then I wont care.

But enjoy the website and lets get started.

I Love Culvers because it has the best Burgers and Amazing Custard with custom toppings.

Culvers has a tv inside of it to watch quality shows.

Lastly Culvers has polite employees who never get the orders wrong and are generous to guest.

I Love Portillos As well because you could listen to the wonderful old fashioned music once you step in.

Portillos has the best fries in the world in my opinion.

Portillos has a classic and nice decour, clean seats and tables and generous employees.

I Love Wendys because it is a good fast food restaurant.

Wendys has very salty but great fries which I love.

Lastly Wendys has a quick and easy drive thru with happy employees.

I love The Original Pancake House because it has the best pancakes in the world.

The Pancake House is most famous for it's Apple Pancake which I crave for all the time.

Lastly The Pancake House gets many customers and is a beautiful restaurant.

Favorite Food On The Menu

My favorite food at Culvers is a plain double chesseburger yea, it sounds really plain.

I Like it because it tastes great in my mouth and plus I love burgers.

But Anyways It is just delicious.

My favorite food at Portillos is a chesseburger with bacon and lettuce.

I Like this burger because it tastes good and the lettuce and bacon makee the burger better.

Even though the burger is good and all, it's very big and it could make at persons stomach full.

My favorite food at Wendys is a bacon double chesseburger.

I Like it because of the square design of the burger and the bacon that is added to it.

But It has lots of fat in it.

My favorite food at The Original Pancake House is their famous apple pancake.

I Like it because of the apple cinnamon taste that is added to it.

But It has lots of sugar in it but it's the best Apple Pancake Ever.

You Have Reached The End Of My Website But I have One More Question To Ask.

Question: What Are Your Favorite Restaurants?