death note

The main idea of the book is their is a race to see who will find each other first and ryuk has no side and he is facenated watching them.


A detective who needs to find kira{light} and put him in prison for his crimes. No one really knowns what he looks like so light cant kill him.He is really smart


light is a strait a student. He found the death note which now belongs to him. He wants to rid the word of evil by using the death note to do it


A shinigami who left his death note in the human world bacause he was bored and now he has to stay with light until he writes his name is writen the death note

How the criminals die

They die when the writer{ person writing in the death note} can picture their face in their mind and write their name corectly and details in six minutes and fourty seconds

Question 1

Is light smart


Question 2

When Light dies where does he go

none of the above

Question 3

what is l's job


Question 4

what is the difference between a shinigamis eyes and a humans

see what they are thinking
see bones
see name
the time of death from the current time is added on to a shinigamis life
see age